Why Choose Us?

When a client chooses Lone Star Builders we are prepared to commit the personal attention each project demands to make sure it is a successful and enjoyable experience for our client. We start by establishing trust and a personal relationship with each client. Constant communication and trust is our first priority.

We believe that more work in the beginning saves time and money so we sit down with the client and address needs, expectations, dreams, financial and budget concerns. Initial concepts, intense planning, and detailed budgets are key to a successful project. Each client has the ability to be as involved as they please.

We can offer numerous choices and selections or we can spend large amounts of time with the client to understand their style and taste to minimize those decisions they have to make. After our role has been established we begin putting the ideas on paper.

  • We help you design a site plan, building plans, and a landscaping design based on you and your family’s style, needs, and budget.
  • We use our knowledge, experience, and relationships to save money during the bid process on labor and materials.
  • We sit down with you to discuss the pros and cons of each bid, discuss different options to improve quality and durability while saving money.
  • Once we form a budget, then we help prepare all the documents necessary for a construction loan from your lending institution.
  • After the financial arrangements are in place we create a project timeline and begin construction. All materials, colors, prices, and subcontractors are identified in the beginning to guarantee a successful project that comes in on time and under budget.
  • We meet each week to discuss how the project is progressing and we show you how the materials are being used to create your home or building. You learn what materials are going into your house and building and how everything comes together to make your project a success.
  • We input every expense of your project into an accounting database to tract every dollar that is spent. Every Friday you will receive an cash flow statement, expense report, and budget comparison to detail out the current financial standing of your project.
  • I’m on site everyday participating in the operations of your project and overseeing the work of employees and subcontractors. You are welcomed and encouraged to spend as much time on the job site as you would like.
  • Once the project is complete we have a post construction meeting to help the owner plan for future growth or needs from the home or building. We also guarantee all labor and materials for one year.