Green Construction

We are an environmentally friendly company and are very excited about the new awareness and focus on green construction. There is now an increased adoption of sustainable construction practices throughout the industry. Building “green” is the use of materials and resources efficiently to build a better and more efficient home while reducing the overall impact to the environment. Green construction may cost more in the beginning but saves through lower operating cost and offers benefits not easily quantified such as improving occupant health, comfort, productivity, reducing pollution and landfill waste.


Lone Star Builders is currently spending more time researching green building and implementing these practices that provide immediate and long-term economic benefits for developers, building owners, and occupants. We are currently focusing our learning and expanding our building practices to offer energy alternatives, natural building materials, erosion control, and rainwater catchment. We care not only about the efficiency and importance of your green project but also about the sustainability of our construction process as well. We are now striving to recycle all waste possible, reuse cut lumber, and schedule projects to increase efficiency. We currently buy from local suppliers to support the local community and also to reduce transportation cost and pollution. We also us modern and technologically advanced equipment that help increase efficiency and that have lower emissions.