New Construction

Lone Star Builders helps you design and build your dream home. When we build residential custom homes we handle every aspect of your project from an idea to the final clean up. You will get a turn key home ready to live in the day we finish.


We can help you design your home to meet your current and future needs. We can offer advice on building for safety and growth for young families, design homes for entertaining, or deign for future resale. If a client is building a home with retirement in mind, we consult with an occupational therapist during the design phase to ensure the home is handicap accessible.

I use all my experience and knowledge to help make sure your project meets your budget and expectation. I use my accounting background to create accurate budgets and design presentations for lending institutions. Each project is entered into an accounting program that tracks every dollar spent. Clients get a financial statement every week showing where each expense is detailed and how it compares to the budget.

My tax experience allows me to work my clients to plan each project so they can maximize their tax benefits and write-offs. By owning rental property I understand the importance of durability and maintenance-free homes that must stand up to the individuals who are occupying the residence. I can use this knowledge to help an owner design residential rental property as well as personal residence.

Commercial New Construction

When we sit down with a future commercial construction client we work with the owner to create a design and concept that is not only affordable but will help increase revenue and efficiency for the future. Your building should be a function of your business and be an asset that increases revenue, builds capital, and reduces expenses. We can help you design your space to offer units that can be leased out now and available for future expansion of your business or suites that could be sold to help offset construction cost.